Intelligent Route Planning

Generate efficient delivery routes anytime needed in a few simple steps


Built for scale

Plan for small number or hundreds of deliveries at once. Create a dispatch for the next days, or assign an ad-hoc delivery, suit your every business needs.

Dispatch Planning
Plan a dispatch, optimize the delivery sequence automatically with our engine, know your driver's availability.
Automatic Route Plan
Generate dispatches for hundreds of deliveries with ease, optimize the routes with our built-in constraints.
Ad-hoc Delivery
Assign urgent ad-hoc deliveries to an ongoing dispatch with the knowledge of real time closest drivers.
Intelligent Route Planning

Ensure precision on your delivery

No more guessing your customer's location, find out exactly where your customer's location is and where each deliveries done.
  • Precise - Translate text address to coordinate
  • Historical - View coordinates of finished deliveries
  • Learn - Improve precision actual delivery coordinate
  • Visualize - See locations in a map while planning a dispatch

Plan for any number of deliveries

Create dispatch plans for hundreds of deliveries with ease. Control your SLA with our pre-built constraints, or talk with us if your business needs specific needs.
  • Efficient - Process hundreds of deliveries within minutes
  • Constraints - Ensure your SLAs with multiple constraints
  • Customizable - Fine tune the generated routes
  • Cluster - Group locations based on predefined area or custom-made geozones
Intelligent Route Planning
Intelligent Route Planning

Improve efficiencies

Reduce consumptions of fuel and overtime costs by finding the most efficient routes within minutes.
  • Time efficient - Less time to find the best possible routes
  • Streamline - One stop solution for the entire delivery process
  • Dynamic - Accomodate additional deliveries in real time

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