Order Management

Support simple order input and bulk import of orders to ease the whole operation process

Consolidate all orders

Centralize order information in one place to improve communication and grow your business

Bulk Import
Easily capture your orders via CSV Import into Flynd
Data Validation
Reverse geocoding allows you to retrieve the right coordinates of longitude and latitude for the address
Order Management

Time Efficiency

Orders entered into the system in real-time and turns them into efficient shipments
  • Accurate - Shorter order-to-delivery cycle with accurate data
  • Simplicity - Minimal data acquisition effort
  • Shared - Shows all shipping-related data in one location and shares them with clients

Boost Productivity

Order planners can monitor the daily workload on the dashboard
  • Declutter - Minimize paper-based processes to avoid errors and duplicates
  • Easy-to-use - Order input made easy with our simple OMS
  • Centralize - Push all execution tracking information in one site by providing real-time status of orders for vendors, suppliers and customers
Order Management
Order Management


Order planners can monitor the daily workload on the dashboard
  • Flexible - Integrate with any existing data source
  • Cost Saving - Reduce manpower to do manual data input
  • Time Saving - Allowing staff to handle more critical tasks at hand

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