Intuitive Driver App

Mobile application for drivers to easily manage their deliveries

Visibility for all

Drivers can access their dispatches in one application. Receive notification for new dispatches and easy navigation to destination

Vehicle tracking system
Driver's whole journey can be easily traced on maps.
Driver will get push notifications regarding any incoming requests.
Lets your drivers manage their deliveries easily by capturing recipient details, images and signatures electronically.
Intuitive Driver App

Eliminate manual tasks

Driver-App simplifies delivery operations by collecting all relevant data throughout the journey from dispatch to delivery in one application.
  • Lower costs - Minimize manual work such as sorting and filing
  • Streamline - Less paperwork needed for drivers to handle
  • Reduce errors - With automatic geotags, timestamps and visual proof, there is less room for errors in tracking deliveries and manual entries
  • Better navigation - Allows driver to navigate more efficiently with the most up-to-date maps

Faster Payment Cycles

e-POD helps in providing a smoother and quicker process of invoicing a delivery
  • Instant - Allows enterprise to instantly process their invoices after delivery
  • Accurate - Data discrepancy can be addressed quicker and closer to the date of delivery
  • Revenue Boost - Allows flexibility in adjusting the time frame of a payment cycle.
Intuitive Driver App
Intuitive Driver App

Automatically updates delivery status to TMS

Driver's activities can be monitored to make sure that the dispatches are delivered in a timely manner
  • Informed - Receive information as real-time as possible
  • Consistent - Data for reporting and compliance can be collected in a uniform manner
  • Reliable - All drivers are required to use the same application thus following the same set of procedures

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