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Flynd offers technology solution to various business who involves dispatching drivers. Whether in logistics industry, courier, or simply small business who do food delivery, laundry pickup and delivery, or warehouse transport, will see benefit from our solution.

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Power your logistic operations with digital transformations

Give your business the advantages of digital operations, ready to scale your operations anytime needed.

Order Management

Support simple order input and bulk import of orders to ease the whole operation process


Understand what is happening with your operation, in general or in detail, have it visualized with widgets or export it to good old CSV, your call


Connect Flynd with your existing systems with ease through our first class support for API integration.

Intuitive Driver App

Equip your drivers with an intuitive android application to finish their deliveries.

Intelligent Route Planning

Generate efficient delivery routes anytime needed in a few simple steps

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Feel the benefit whether you are a full blown logistic company operating hundreds of vehicles, or an UMKM using 3PLs, or even when you only 5 vehicles.

Business helped
"We have successfully integrated Flynd with our Warehouse and Gatepass system to complete Kamadjaja's overall system implementation. "
- Syailful Efendi, System Analyst
"Flynd has been a very big help for us when we are scaling up our operations, now we can do tens of deliveries every day with ease."
- Jordan Potonengan, Ops Supervisor

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